Hogmoor Inclosure can be accessed from many entrance ways around the site. This guide commences at the car park and main entrance. 

Car parking

Hogmoor Inclosure car park has five allocated disabled parking spots at the top of the car park next to the buildings. 



Male and female toilets are available during Cafe opening hours. There is a Changing Places toilet with Baby Changing facilities and Family Room the key for these is available from the Cafe.

Cafe Hogmoor is run by The Whitehill And Bordon Community Trust. Please see their website for opening hours. 
A defibrillator is located within the cafe and is accessible during cafe opening hours.

Much of the site is on sand which can provide a challenge for those who struggle with mobility however the main entrance and playarea has compacted surfaces to assist with this.
There is a recommended route to explore the site which is unfortunately not circular and requires return along the same.

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Getting Around and What You Might See

pathway next to cafe.jpg

Entry to the site can be made from the carpark past the toilets and cafe entrance or towards the left of the main field gate however this route has width inhibitors on the gate

pathway buildings entrance.jpg
pathway field gate entrance.jpg
pathway buildings entrance.jpg

Enter the site towards the toilet and Cafe building

entrance 2.jpg

Just before the buildings if you look to the right you will see one of the entrances to The Beehive building. This is a bookable education room run by The Whitehill and Bordon Community Trust

cafe outside.jpg

The Cafe doors do not have automatic opening but are left open during cafe opening hours in good weather and will be opened by a member of staff during cold weather. There is also outdoor seating at the rear of the Cafe.

playarea entry.jpg

Continuing forward you will enter the play area. 
Here you will find different play equipment and a pond area. 


You might choose to play on some of the equipment or to explore the site.

You can head to the crossroads at the centre of the play area. 

playarea north.jpg
playarea south east.jpg
playarea south.jpg
Looking left at the playarea crossroads
Looking straight ahead at the playarea crossroads
Looking lright at the playarea crossroads


playarea north.jpg
pathway 1.jpg
pathway 2.jpg

Take the right hand path from the playarea crossroads. Head towards the marker signpost and then turn right towards the car park field gate. Take the left path running alongside the car park. Follow this around into the woodland

fairy door.jpg
troll feet.jpg
pathway 3.jpg
pathway 4.jpg

Keep following the woodland path. You might see fairy doors and hidden trolls - please knock on the doors and tickle the trolls but don't be rough with them. You will pass over a bridge.
When you reach the open area you will see some unusual statues.
Follow the path slightly to the left.

Further route photographs to be added

To the left is a pathway to the 'Railway Gate' this is a kissing gate which exits to Templers Way.
Although accessible this gate is a narrow example

Further route photographs to be added

Continue on the path. You will reach the Maternity Bat Roost.
Continue on the path. When you reach a bench on the right you could take a break.
In front of the bench is a path to Floreys Pond, you might see ducks here. Back on the path you will reach a Roman Helmet Statue surrounded by blocks.

Further route photographs to be added

To the left is a pathway to the 'Roman Gate' this is a kissing gate which exits to Templers Way.
Although accessible this gate is a narrow example.
Crossing the road here will lead you behind Sutton Fields and Whitehill Village Hall.

Further route photographs to be added

You can turn right here and walk back over the sand if you wish otherwise you will need to turn back the way you came. If you are following the sand walk forwards towards the two statues on the hill. You will reach a statue which sometimes stands in a pond if it has been raining. Take the path to the right of this statue and continue. You will see the playarea ahead of you.

You are back at the playarea