Calendar of events 

The Deadwater Valley Trust are now managing the land in Hogmoor Inclosure, along with Bordon Inclosure and the Deadwater Valley Nature Reserve.

Our events will take place in all of the above places and so please check event details carefully to make sure you come to the right place.

It's so exciting to have so many events happening in the town, along with many other organisations.

We're sure you will enjoy all those you attend!

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Duck Race Delay!

Due to heavy rain raising the river levels and a large number of branches being washed into the race zone the DVT Duck Wranglers have been unable to enter the river safely. The decision has been made to delay the race by 1 week. The results will now be available on 23rd August with tickets available until 22nd August.

Click here to purchase Duck Race tickets online. Will open new window with Ticket Source

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