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Where and what is Bordon Inclosure?

Bordon Inclosure is an area of woodland north of the Deadwater Valley

Nature Reserve, running from Lindford Road down to Alexandra Park,

behind Trenchard Park and St Lucia Park (see map below).


This area of woodland has been owned by the MoD for many years and has

been used for training by the Army, and with their departure, will hopefully be

handed over to Whitehill Town Council for it's future management.

The work being done to improve Bordon Inclosure is now finished. All the large scale works have now been finished and all the artwork and furniture had been put in place.


This now includes the large table near the King Oak which has a map of the site carved into it, the sighting pole has also been installed and we are hoping to add to the area to give more to look at. 

The Site is fully open and welcome to everyone.

The whole project is a partnership between the landowners (Homes and Communities Agency - HCA), the project managers (Hampshire County Council - HCC), Whitehill and Bordon project team (East Hampshire District Council - EHDC), Whitehill Town Council (WTC), the contractors (ROCON and Avon Construction) and community engagement with the rangers from Deadwater Valley Trust.


If you have any comments or concerns, please contact the rangers on 01420 479070.

Please click on the icon to download the site plan for Bordon Inclosure

What is a SANG?

The Bordon Inclosure SANG is the first of two SANG's being delivered to support the delivery of new homes in Whitehill and Bordon.


A SANG can be any area of semi-natural habitat that has the required attributes to attract recreational visitors who would otherwise access European Protected Sites.  The effectiveness of the SANG as mitigation will depend upon the location and design.  These must be such that the SANG is more attractive than the Special Protection Area (SPA) to users of the kind that currently visit the SPA.


The outline requirements for an area of SANG are that it must be perceived by users as a 'natural' environment, with a variety of semi-natural habitats.  The majority of the paths should appear to have a natural service, even if constructed beneath, and the path network should provide a range of walks, with at least one circular walk of around 2.5km with easy access from a car park.  The SANG must also have safe pedestrian access from a variety of points, and feel safe to walk in.  It must be possible to let dogs off the lead over at least a substantial part of the area, throughout most of the year.  Importantly, the SANG should be delivered in advance of residents occupying new homes.







Latest news and progress updates

The site is complete and is being enjoyed by many people.  The Rangers are keeping on top of the general maintenance of the site.



We now have a leaflet just for Bordon Inclosure. it has infomation on the Inclosure aswell as a map containing the different walks.

Click on the image to right to download the new leaflet for Bordon Inclosure