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About Us

Deadwater Valley Trust is a local charitable environmental organisation in Whitehill and Bordon, Hampshire, which has successfully provided over 30 years, either directly, or through its management of grants and funding, the  management of the Deadwater Valley Local Nature Reserve (LNR).

On behalf of Whitehill Town Council, the Trust manages 38 hectares of green space on the eastern edge of the town along the course of the River Deadwater. It is a living lung for the community, including 12 different habitat types and a network of maintained pathways.

In 2016 the Trust has also taken on management of Bordon Inclosure, again on behalf on Whitehill Town Council.


In 2020 Deadwater Valley Trust became Managing Partners with The Land Trust responsible for the day to day management of Hogmoor Inclosure, funded by the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company

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The mission of Deadwater Valley Trust


“To conserve and enhance, by active land management, the natural beauty, wildlife

and historical & cultural heritage of the Deadwater Valley Local Nature Reserve,

the ‘green’ heart of the community, and neighbourhood”


“To promote opportunities for the understanding, recreation and enjoyment of the special qualities of the area by the public.”

In delivering this mission, the Trust will seek to achieve the following outcomes:


  • Predominantly conservation-based actions for the management of the Deadwater Valley LNR and its neighbourhood

  • Improve physical health and emotional wellbeing of local residents by providing a safe, enjoyable & accessible environment

  • Recognition of our heritage, including important historical features by working in partnership with a range of organisations

  • Better promotion of responsible use of land that is highly valued locally and in the neighbourhood through various marketing strategies

  • An environmental educational resource that is safe, enjoyable & accessible for schools and community groups

  • Community work that engages local residents and encourages enjoyment of the environment.

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Whitehill Town Council's website.


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The Land Trust website.

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The Land Trust website.

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