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Hogmoor Inclosure Site Activities

Brass Rubbing Trail

Our brass rubbing trail consists of 11 markers to find around the site. There is an accompanying booklet with information and space for your rubbings which can be collected from Cafe Hogmoor or downloaded below.
The route of the trail is along the Yellow Gilbert White route.



Visitors who enjoy a more active way of exploring the park may like to have a go at orienteering. It involves map reading to locate control points throughout the park. There are six courses ranging from a very easy 1.7km on the main tracks to a very technical 6.1km that will test even the best orienteers, the range of courses will suit different levels of ability.

It can be used as an individual exercise to take you around different parts of Hogmoor or as a group activity with a timed course to bring in a friendly element of competition with the opportunity to then discuss your route with others, perhaps in the cafe afterwards over a coffee or back at home!


Digital orienteering

All the courses at Hogmoor have a small QR code label to denote the physical location of the checkpoints,  the plate shows the control code, plus 4 other codes in each corner.

The QR code when scanned takes the user to the GO orienteering page at

The MapRun app will send you a notification (bleep on your device and a message will also pop up with the control number) when you are within 20 meters of each correct location. The map can be viewed on your electronic device and paper copies may be available in the future.

There is also a handy digital alternative and you just need a smartphone or tablet to have a go on any of the 6 courses at Hogmoor. Simply download the free MapRun app and complete any course at your leisure. 

You can also run with a Garmin Watch running MapRunG or any GPS Watch using the "Any Track" feature.

MapRun6 or 7:

  • Start the App

  • Enter your Name - to be used with your results

  • Tap Select Event and browse to the event you are looking for. The Hogmoor events can be found under “UK/Others/AOA/Hogmoor”

  • Alternatively, tap Events Near Me to display a list of events near your current location

  • Tap  Go to Start to see the map and course

  • ​For some events the organiser may have locked the event, you may need to enter the 4-digit PIN but not required for Hogmoor.​

  • Run or walk through the Start to trigger the course timer and you will see the clock start to run on your device.  All the Hogmoor courses are line events where you have to visit the controls in numeric order.  A score course is due to be added where you will have 45 mins to get as many of the controls as possible in that time, each control is worth 10 points, and you lose 10 pts for every minute/or part of a minute over the 45 mins time limit. Remember to run or walk through the Finish to complete the course.

Screenshot 2024-04-22 182341_edited.jpg


There are a number of geocaches on the site.

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