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Rangers Blog June 11th

What a fantastic morning for the Ranger Team. We spent the morning in the sunshine building a bower at the top of The Walldown Ancient Monument with Woodlea Primary School, well done Year 3.

June 11th, St Barnabas Day, sees the re-enactment of The Blessing Of The Bower with Woolmer Forest Heritage Society. This unique occasion is celebrated on the top of the Walldown Ancient Monument. Children from Woodlea school, Rabbit Class, made their traditional visit to the top of the Walldown Monument to construct the Bower in the morning although they were unable to return for the afternoon ceremony as they have done in the past due to current restrictions. The children worked in teams to harvest foliage and decorate the bower. In the afternoon after an introduction from Dr Bill Wain of The Woolmer Forest Historical Society there was a reading from ‘The Natural History Of Selborne’ read by Gilbert White which holds the oldest reference to a bower being built at Waldon (now Walldown). The Bower was then blessed by Rev Alice Woods and the invocation and procession around the Bower was led by EHDC Leader and Local History enthusiast Adam Carew. Whitehill Town Council was represented by new Town Mayor Bisi Kennard and several members of the public attended. After the ceremony Tea and Cake were enjoyed by all.

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