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A line of dialogue has been opened between The Trustees of Deadwater Valley Trust and Whitehill Town Council. We are hopeful that this leads to a clearer understanding of the decision and the situation we all find ourselves in. 

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Cafe Hogmoor has proved a wonderful addition to the Hogmoor Inclosure since its much anticipated opening last year.
The cafe is run by The Whitehill and Bordon Community Trust and any questions regarding opening hours and provision of services should be directed to them at

Deadwater Valley Trust Photography Competition Final 12

Calendars are priced at £4.50 each. To order a calendar please email or you can pick one up from our friends at The Forest Community Centre, Cafe Hogmoor or Cafe 1759 from Thursday 25th November.

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Our wildlife camera has been capturing many of the woodland animals that you might not see during the daytime. Back in June these badger cubs were playing together close to the entrance of their sett. By the Autumn they may be spending less time playing and more time foraging getting ready to survive their first winter.

Find out more information about badgers here.

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