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"Looking after your Local Nature Reserve and green spaces"

The Deadwater Valley Trust exists to manage the Deadwater Valley Local Nature Reserve, Bordon Inclosure and Hogmoor.


The organisation was set up in the Mid 1980’s. The Trust has charitable status and manages the Deadwater Valley Local Nature Reserve, which includes areas of land in the Deadwater Valley for quiet recreation and conservation of the habitats.

The Trust also manages Bordon Inclosure on behalf of Whitehill Town Council, and Hogmoor Inclosure as a Managing Partner with the Land Trust on behalf of the Whitehill and Bordon Regeneration Company.

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Knox Pond Project

Knoxs Pond is a man made pond within the Deadwater Valley Local Nature Reserve which has been enjoyed by local residents for many years.
The levels of silt and debris in the pond had been causing a negative effect on the wildlife within and around the pond and the boardwalks and walkways had fallen into disrepair.
A project to regenerate and improve this area, including increasing viable habitat, was planned to start in 2019 however Covid caused the project to be delayed. Since that time rising costs have meant that the project has had to be split into two parts.
The first part of the Knoxs Pond Regeneration project has been completed to provide the pond with more light, remove overcrowded and hazardous trees and create hibernaculum. We are delighted to report that we have been successful in our bid for Section 106 Developer Contributions to fund the second part of the project and provide new paths, boardwalks and dipping platforms for the site.
The support of East Hampshire District Council has made this final phase of the plan possible.
Work is due to start in Spring 2024.

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