On this page you will find ideas and activities for you, your family and friends to do when you next visit the woods.


As the seasons change, you will see things around you changing, and there will be new sights to be found.



Can you Find Your Name In Nature?


Look  around you for shapes in nature which spell out your name.

Our Junior Rangers did just that.

Send us your efforts, some letters are harder to find than others.


Nice work Eli.

Great stuff Nikkita.

There is no excuse for saying "I'm bored", "there's nothing to do" when the big wide world is waiting to be explored by YOU!


There are lots of things you can do in the woods, so pop on those boots and a warm, waterproof jacket and try some of these, using nothing more than your imagination:


  • make a den

  • hunt for bugs

  • run and play

  • forage for blackberries

  • climb a tree (supervised!)

  • paddle in a stream - before it gets too cold!

  • run barefoot in the rain

  • tell wild stories

  • kick leaves (and hide in them)

  • make a mud pie

  • hug a tree

  • make 101 things from a stick

  • hunt for animal tracks

  • watch the clouds